As a creative entrepreneur and storyteller,  I CREATE content, produce and direct films, and write books.
In business I help other people build explosive platforms, monetize their expertise to create bankable brands, and look the part to get the role.

Sometimes the two worlds collide and that's when the real fun begins!
I deliberately live life on my OWN terms, play BIG in my GIFTS and BUSINESS,
and LOOK FABULOUS doing it!
And guess what?
YOU can too,
I'll show you how


  Hi, I'm Brandi    

"Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney
Film Producer, Director, Animator, Entrepreneur


In this fantastic (and free) audio training you'll learn three simple strategies that'll give you the courage and confidence to create a business and life you love.


  Green Light   


How to Green Light Your Life!
How to Green Light Your Life! - Brandi Mitchell

Helping Entrepreneurs, Executives and Creatives Have a Packaged Platform, Positioned Presence, Polished Image, and Profitable Business

The Drive and Tools You Need to Live Up to Your Greatest Potential without Compromise

Greenlight Your Life!

Gain Clarity. Be More Productive. Get Moving & Launch!

"I'm ready to make a change in my business and life! I need to get moving, gain clarity, and get a plan to pursue my passion and launch my project/business"

Package the Product of You

Turn Your Expertise into Product and a Platform that's Profitable

"I need to package what I do, my expertise to create a platform that allows me to speak, write books, and monetize my brilliance and/or project"

Look the Part to

Get the Role

Polish Your Image, Visual Brand, Confidence, and Presence

"I need my visual brand to tell my business and brands story. I need to uplevel and have solutions for my physical image, photos, weight management, and OWN the room.


#SHOWTHEMWhat's Possible

Meet Brandi

A Renaissance Woman

Called a Renaissance Woman for her creative ability to fuse entertainment, marketing, inspiration, and storytelling into a bankable brand, Brandi is the owner of KORIS Media, and founder of The Point and Drive Foundation. Through KORIS Media, she develops and packages projects that tell motivational personal and business stories to targeted audiences, her latest being the documentary Point and Drive® which shows the impact that playing music and marching bands have on success in life and features her alma mater the Florida A&M Marching 100.

Brandi got her start as a celebrity makeup and hair artist in television and film working with some of the top celebrities and influencers. She successfully transitioned to CEO, author, and national speaker by building off her creative talent and collaborative experiences to shift into being a content creator. Her passion is to empower others to fully maximize and monetize their talent, ideas, and expertise by creating space to explore the “what’s possible” in their lives and living the life they have imagined.

More about Brandi here.


“In her directorial debut, Brandi Mitchell has created a ground breaking documentary that displays the beauty, pageantry and excellence which is the HBCU Marching band experience.


CMO / Liquid Soul Marketing

“ POINT AND DRIVE is a moving historical and cultural documentary about the dynamic and unique role music and band life play in shaping purpose and character in a young person's life.”


“You ‘Look the Part’ of a kingdom woman because that’s who you are, keep operating in your gifts!”

“As a business owner, we’re always thinking about our marketing, our products, our services, but we cannot forget our visual brand - and Brandi is a master at that. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your visual brand, if you are looking to step up and play big in your business, than you absolutely want to work with Brandi Mitchell”


CEO Franklin Entertainment

“If you are interested in reinventing your brand, you need to work with

Brandi Mitchell.


Leading authority on Small Business Success


VP, Operations, Transformation Division at Steve Harvey World Group

“It’s not about knocking on closed doors, it’s about building our own house and having our own door.”
Ava Duvernay
Writer, Producer, Director 


Always the “creative entrepreneur”, Brandi most recently produced, directed, and promoted her celebrated documentary “Point and Drive” on a shoe-string budget as a first-time director. She then took it on a 14 screening, 8-city promo tour, which yielded 3 network deal offers, 1,500 attendees, and actually made five figures which she reinvested into her film. This year her Point and Drive brand is on track to generate six figures - more than all of the network deal offers combined. She has often been compared to innovative filmmaker Tyler Perry in that she strategically built an audience and took the leap to give herself the “green light” in making the film successful versus waiting for approval from mainstream studios. She went against the system, did not compromise her films message, and when others said “no”, she said “yes” to her belief that the film would succeed and reach the world. The undeniable demand for the film has made her a sought after voice in documentary filmmaking because she has been able to do in a short period of time what most filmmakers take years to achieve; get the film seen, monetize it, and get the cause heard. Her track record of success has drawn attention to her media company of which she is not only a creative talent, but a consultant and visionary leader.





Look the Part to Get the Role® :

The Ultimate Visual Branding Guide

40 Days to Looking, Branding, and Becoming the Role You Want to Play in Your Life

You Are The Celebrity Of Your Business and Life, You Become The Role You Were Meant to Play and Rock it! In this innovative 40 Day Visual Branding Guide  it’s all about looking at your image or as I like to call it  your “Visual Brand” and making it match the role you want to play in your business and life by creating a polished image, branding, and displaying unapologetic confidence just like any well branded celebrity.

Release Weight Receive Freedom

How I Released 80lbs and Snatched My Sexy Back - and How You Can Too!

For Brandi Mitchell, the battle with weight had been a life-long struggle; one that would serve as a strength in helping others with their image, but also a thorn in her flesh as she had to always “Look the Part” in a body that seemed to fight against her mind. When the weight of riding up and down the weight loss rollercoaster became too much to carry, Brandi decided the one thing she had to do was stop looking at weight loss as a temporary goal to achieve. Instead, she set out to release the weight forever by finding a system, even with her busy schedule, to maintain the lifestyle changes that would generate the results. Brandi spent a year developing a weight release system that included meal prepping, healthy eating, and a mindset shift that was different than any fad diet she ever tried. As a result, she released eighty pounds, regained energy, health, and confidence.

The Blended Family Survival Guide

On Getting Married With Children, Yours or Somebody Else's

The Blended Family Survival Guide is a must- read for the person considering or getting married to someone with children, dating single parents, stepparents, and newly married couples with children from previous relationships. Discover the true blueprint for blended family living while receiving practical and transparent advice, invaluable tips, and honest insight taken from Brandi Mitchell's own experiences before and after getting married. Brandi offers hope, clarity, and much needed answers to common questions of those in or considering living life blended!


Charismatic, Passionate, Entertaining, and Insightful , are words used to describe Brandi's person and her approach to delivering effective, thought provoking, and informative messages pertaining to harnessing your personal presence, pursuing purpose, and operating with a spirit of excellence.  Brandi has delivered keynotes, held workshops, participated on panels and can address any number of topics including:

Branding/Marketing/ Entrepreneurship

Personal & Visual Branding

Platform Development & Marketing

Business / Entrepreneurship


Film & Television

Thinking Out-the- Box & Greenlighting Your Own Projects/Business

Women Filmmakers/Independent Filmmaking

Content Creation

Cause-Driven Filmmaking




Family (Marriage, Parenting, Blended Families)

Health & Wellness


500 Terry Francois St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158


Film // Video Editor

Avid // Final Cut Pro // Premiere

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio




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