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Have Your Story Told & Captured  Through a Brand Elevating Documentary or Docu-Series as the ULTIMATE Positioning Tool
Create and Launch a Course That Replaces Your One-on-One Work and Reclaims Your Time

Brandumentary™ is an exclusive opportunity for world-class leaders and experts to tell the story of their brand. With Brandi as your producer and director, and her production company KORIS Media she illuminates the brands of successful women leaders, entrepreneurs,  and organizations putting them in a category of one and establishing extraordinary positioning.

Learn How to Easily Package, Market, and Sell Your Brilliance in a 6 + Figure Course Based off Your Expertise.

Be a Part of a Group of World Changers Where You Build Your Entire Course Over 12 Weeks
with Brandi

12 Leaders chosen for a 12 Week Intensive where you learn how to create, market, and sell your course in a community of world changers and led by Brandi in an intimate experience. This experience is content-rich + action-based and contains both group and one-on-one coaching as well as a course-creation lab. We have created The TWELVE as an experience that allows you to move from concept to course to currency!  This is an application based program.


Want Our Course Creation Production Team to Build Your Online Course For You?

Maybe what you need is some extra help with creating your course. You want it done in the most time-effective way. Within our team is the strategy, production, marketing, and design talent to produce your course from concept to currency! 


Need Direct Coaching or Consulting on Your Brand, Course, Video Marketing, or Image? Consider a VIP Day or Private Coaching

Private coaching is for you if you have decided and committed to your next level. It's for you if you are ready to expand and execute. My style is a mixture of strategy, belief, and very action based moves fueled by passion which is fed by what you say you want to achieve. Everything I do comes from a space of championing you to believe, see, and create what is possible in your life!


I REALLY want you to win. And I know that private coaching can help you do in a short time frame what you have "talked" about doing for years, even decades!

What I Believe.

My Guiding Principles

Don't Wait For Opportunities, Create Them.

Your Gift, Talents, and Expertise Make Room for You.

Your Story is What Makes You Unique. Use it.
Branding is Not Optional. You Must Be Masterful at Telling Your Own Narrative.
Every Day is an Audition, Make Sure You Get the Part by Staying Ready.
Success is More About Consistency and Action than Genius.
A Dream Fulfilled Requires Prayer, Strategy, Focus, and Execution.

Success Should be Holistic - Don't Sacrifice What's Most Important To You or Your Beliefs.

Done is Better Than Perfect.

Don't Wait For Permission. Create Your Own Lane And Greenlight Yourself.


If You Look the Part, in Your Image and Packaging, You are 50% More Likely to Get the Role - or at Least the Invitation to the Table!

If we seem to be a fit, then let's get to work!



We deliver world-class brand photos, video content, and course videos for your business and brand. With over 25 years of experience in the beauty, production, and brand development arena, this is our sweet spot.



Most of My Clients & Private Coaching Are…

  • Experts

  • Consultants

  • Coaches

  • Speakers

  • Authors

  • Media Personalities

  • Creative Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Industry Icons

  • Game-Changers