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I Help Entrepreneurs, Corporate Professionals, Artists,  and Creatives Have a Packaged Platform, Positioned Presence, Polished Image, and Profitable Business


Simply put, I help people through my signature program Look the Part to Get the Role® to become the celebrity of their industry; famous and recognized for the solutions they offer, be paid well for their expertise, and look FABULOUS doing it!

The Drive and Tools You Need to Live Up to Your Greatest Potential without Compromise

Greenlight Your Life!

Gain Clarity. Be More Productive. Get Moving & Launch!

"I'm ready to make a change in my business and life! I need to get moving, gain clarity, and get a plan to pursue my passion and launch my project/business"

Package the Product of You

Turn Your Expertise into Product and a Platform that's Profitable

"I need to package what I do, my expertise to create a platform that allows me to speak, write books, and monetize my brilliance and/or project"


Look the Part to

Get the Role

Polish Your Image, Visual Brand, Confidence, and Presence

"I need my visual brand to tell my business and brands story. I need to uplevel and have solutions for my physical image, photos, weight management, and OWN the room.



As I write this, I am planning my own girl’s trip with some of my closet college friends. These are my girls read more

Designer's World

You Want to Create An Authentic and Iconic Brand

… but you’re not sure how to - you just know it's time to go to the next level. You want to draw your clients to you through creating an authentic brand.

Copy of collage.jpg

You Have Expertise, Talent and/or Business That Need To Be Packaged and Monetized 

....and you want to have a proven system that will help you attract more clients and business, standout in your industry, and get paid your worth doing what you love.

Brand Strategy

You Want a Strategy, Accountability, and an Experienced Coach, Mentor,and Consultant that will help you maximize your potential and get results

Are you ready to grow and need mentorship & strategy?

… that will hold you accountable and transform your brand and biz over the next 6 - 12 months?

Female Singer

You Want An Upgraded Image, Brand Trailer, Brand Photos, Branded Content, or Marketing Videos that Support and Elevate Your Business and Brand

… that expresses who you are and turns onlookers into customers on contact.





"Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney
Film Producer, Director, Animator, Entrepreneur


Always the “creative entrepreneur”, Brandi most recently produced, directed, and promoted her celebrated documentary “Point and Drive” on a shoe-string budget as a first-time director. She then took it on a 14 screening, 8-city promo tour, which yielded 3 network deal offers, 1,500 attendees, and actually made five figures which she reinvested into her film. This year her Point and Drive brand is on track to generate six figures - more than all of the network deal offers combined. She has often been compared to innovative filmmaker Tyler Perry in that she strategically built an audience and took the leap to give herself the “green light” in making the film successful versus waiting for approval from mainstream studios. She went against the system, did not compromise her films message, and when others said “no”, she said “yes” to her belief that the film would succeed and reach the world. The undeniable demand for the film has made her a sought after voice in documentary filmmaking because she has been able to do in a short period of time what most filmmakers take years to achieve; get the film seen, monetize it, and get the cause heard. Her track record of success has drawn attention to her media company of which she is not only a creative talent, but a consultant and visionary leader.



Charismatic, Passionate, Entertaining, and Insightful , are words used to describe Brandi's person and her approach to delivering effective, thought provoking, and informative messages pertaining to harnessing your personal presence, pursuing purpose, and operating with a spirit of excellence.  Brandi has delivered keynotes, held workshops, participated on panels and can address any number of topics including:

Image/ Branding/Marketing




Film & Television



Look the Part to Get the Role® :

The Ultimate Visual Branding Guide

40 Days to Looking, Branding, and Becoming the Role You Want to Play in Your Life

You Are The Celebrity Of Your Business and Life, You Become The Role You Were Meant to Play and Rock it! In this innovative 40 Day Visual Branding Guide  it’s all about looking at your image or as I like to call it  your “Visual Brand” and making it match the role you want to play in your business and life by creating a polished image, branding, and displaying unapologetic confidence just like any well branded celebrity.



Release Weight Receive Freedom

How I Released 80lbs and Snatched My Sexy Back - and How You Can Too!

For Brandi Mitchell, the battle with weight had been a life-long struggle; one that would serve as a strength in helping others with their image, but also a thorn in her flesh as she had to always “Look the Part” in a body that seemed to fight against her mind. When the weight of riding up and down the weight loss rollercoaster became too much to carry, Brandi decided the one thing she had to do was stop looking at weight loss as a temporary goal to achieve. Instead, she set out to release the weight forever by finding a system, even with her busy schedule, to maintain the lifestyle changes that would generate the results. Brandi spent a year developing a weight release system that included meal prepping, healthy eating, and a mindset shift that was different than any fad diet she ever tried. As a result, she released eighty pounds, regained energy, health, and confidence.

The Blended Family Survival Guide

On Getting Married With Children, Yours or Somebody Else's

The Blended Family Survival Guide is a must- read for the person considering or getting married to someone with children, dating single parents, stepparents, and newly married couples with children from previous relationships. Discover the true blueprint for blended family living while receiving practical and transparent advice, invaluable tips, and honest insight taken from Brandi Mitchell's own experiences before and after getting married. Brandi offers hope, clarity, and much needed answers to common questions of those in or considering living life blended!

Do you ever feel like you need to let the world know what you do and finally give yourself the greenlight to play on a bigger stage?

Have you spent years building someone else's business and realized you want to begin to fulfil  your own passion?


Do you have alot of expertise  but no way of monetizing it except for trading your time for dollars?


Do you have alot of influence and knowledge but no kind of platform or products that translates that knowledge into teachable content for others?

Do you really love what you do but wish you could do it on your own terms and get paid what you're worth?


Do you want to become visible in your industry and the go-to expert but don't quite look the part?

I believe you are here because you want what I wanted, and what many of us do - to get paid what we are worth, doing what we love, with people we like. And I can tell you all of that IS possible for you.

I’ve developed a proven method, specifically designed for game changers and driven, purposeful people, to help you learn how you can package your expertise, talents and skills into your own profitable platform that will be limitless. I'm going to show you how to gain the courage to greenlight your ideas, and how to manage your time to FINALLY get things done! I’m going to show you how to Package the Product of You®.

Hi, I'm Brandi Mitchell.

I help entrepreneurs, influencers,  and creatives boldly and authentically stand out and monetize the power of their brand.


In a crowded marketplace of "experts", I teach people how to go to the front of the line by creating their own lane and becoming the celebrity of their industry,


I do that through branding, video, image design, and storytelling  unique to you which makes you different and discovering what makes you ICONIC.


Because I believe you should be paid well to be YOU.

Why am I focused on you becoming the celebrity of your business?

Watch the video to understand my method....



Ready to Create Your Iconic Brand?

Great! Here's How It Works

APPLYING FOR AN ICONIC BRAND VIP DAY WITH BRANDI: Brandi does a small amount of VIP Days per quarter, so if you are interested, we highly suggest that you take action immediately to be sure you can reserve your spot in the Iconic Brand VIP Day calendar. Simply click the button below to apply for an ICONIC VIP Day with Brandi. Complete the application and schedule an enrollment conversation call with Brandi. During the call we will get more info about you, your business, and brand, and if we are a fit, we will schedule your VIP Day Session.



BEFORE: After your payment is received and accepted, you’ll receive an assessment that will be used to determine your brand archetype and will help guide and direct the outcomes of building your iconic brand. It is the foundation of the Iconic Brand system. The Iconic Brand Session is done virtually, but we will be face to face! You should plan to allow 5 hrs for the Iconic Brand VIP Day Session.

DURING: We will go through each step of our Iconic Brand System and work with you to build your brand. When you are finished, you will have the foundation for your brand created and all contained in your own iconic brand guide.


Time Estimate 5 hr Session with Brandi

Simply click on the button below and you will be directed on how to secure your ICONIC Branding VIP Session.

Apply today and schedule an enrollment call for an ICONIC Brand VIP Day with Brandi



Download my FREE Gift
"7 Steps to Becoming the

Celebrity of

Your Industry"


Discover the secrets celebrities use that you can

adapt to goto the top of the A-LIST for a cause -

your brand, business, and movement!

You want to create an iconic brand…

… but you’re not sure how to - you just know it's time to go to the next level. You want to draw your clients to you through creating an authentic brand.

You have expertise & talent that need to be monetized…

… and you want to turn it into a successful  business platform.

You need a business trailer, and marketing videos…

… that expresses who you are and turns onlookers into customers on contact.

You need a new image that matches your brand…

… that represents you as the game changer you are and speaks for you.

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