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I Help Entrepreneurs, Corporate Professionals, Artists,  and Creatives Have a Packaged Platform, Positioned Presence, Polished Image, and Profitable Business. I teach people how to become their own economy by monetizing their story, experiences, and expertise to create a powerful platform and bankable brand.

When a Picture Says (is worth) a THOUSAND words or $$$!

When directors are looking to cast a role in a film or project, they are completely clear on "the look" the actor must have for the role.

The director casts the role usually from first looking at what is called a headshot of the actor. Every actor knows the importance of a great, current headshot. It is a top priority and calling card for their future work. A headshot can either make or break a career and

it can mean all the difference between a life changing, career exploding role or not.

Based off the headshot the actor presents, if the actor looks like the character the director wants to have in their production, they get the opportunity to audition to show their ability to act.

But get this.. if the actor shows up looking different than their headshot, in most cases they are not even allowed to audition. Why, because they do not represent the look of the picture that made the director want to cast them in the role in the first place.

So picture this, your next big role in life or business was cast strictly based upon your promotional pictures, bio pictures, Facebook and/or Linkedin profile pic. Would you make the cut? Would anyone want to book you? Do your current pictures speak to your industry, credibility, positioning?

Today we’re going to talk about 3 ways to use your shot to portray yourself the way you want to be seen...”

Tip #1 “Know What Type of Pictures You Will Need for the Calendar Year

Before taking any pictures, you should clearly think out every way you will need to use them. Think about the effect you want them to have, and the various ways they will be seen. If you are not clear in this area you will be shooting in the dark. You can also consult with someone to be clearer about what your goals are and what you will need. Pull pictures where you like looks or advertising to give the photographer and idea of the direction in which you wish to go.

Tip #2 Understand that it takes a team to produce great pictures

Besides have a photographer that can capture your true essence, great photography is not complete without the right hair, makeup, and wardrobe. The right photographer should be one who has done the caliber of work you expect and it should be visible on their website and marketing tools. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the photographer. The wardrobe that you wear should tie in specifically to your role and the way you want to be seen. Having a professional makeup and hair stylist helps you to have a great picture because not only do they do the service for you, but if you have one or both at the shoot with you, they usually have a meticulous eye to make sure you are perfect frame by frame

Tip #3 “Know When you Need a New Headshot”

Most people who are marketing themselves should get fresh shots every year. The people who take new shots annually are continually moving forward in their roles, and therefore are evolving in their promotional pictures. Their shots get better and better because they are getting to the place of owning who they are and what they do and it shows in their pictures. Any time you have used the pictures so much that you are tired of them, it’s time to get some new ones. When you look very different from the pictures such as a weight gain or release, changed your hair or aged a bit is also a good time to upgrade. If the picture no longer fits the tone of your role or you’ve changed directions in your life you may want to consider getting some new shots taken. As well as when you seek to change the perception of your role or up-level your positioning.

Let these questions help you decide when it’s time for new pictures:

  • You have used the pictures so much, YOU are tired of them

  • You look very different than the pictures (you may have lost weight/ gained weight, have different hair, or aged)

  • The picture doesn’t fit the tone of your role any longer or you’ve changed directions in your role

  • You seek to change the perception of your role or up-level your positioning.

  • The picture feels dated

Now that you know how instrumental your headshot is to generating new opportunities for yourself, you can stay marketing yourself to propel you into your future.

So, if your headshot speaks a thousand words…..what’s yours saying about your next big break?”

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