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Illuminate Your Star Power.



Polished Image.

Packaged Brand.

Positioned Presence. 

Profitable Business.



Hi, I'm Brandi Mitchell 


As a Brand Producer, I work with visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who have already put in the work - they are experts at what they do, and are already successful, but they KNOW there's more. These titans come to me when they are ready to go to their NEXT level. They come to me when THEY KNOW it's time to elevate their influence, and their income.

And they know to do this, they have to show up more - in their branding, image, video and the way they connect with their audience.

They need a strategy. They need to rebrand. They need to SHOW UP as the powerhouse they really are. They need to shut it down! (If you don't want to stand out and play big, you should stop reading now!)

I like to say I "polish off" and illuminate diamonds. I bring iconic voices to center-stage through helping them see themselves, and get the boldness to put on their crown.

I believe everyone has star power within them and the ability to become an iconic brand. It’s about having the right producer to bring it out and being able to package what you do in a way that the world will take notice. 

My mission is to produce entrepreneurial rockstars that use their voice and story to impact the world.

Is that YOU? If so, welcome to your next level!


The Brand Producer™

"I have been affectionately referred to as "The Berry Gordy" for entrepreneurs, because I can take raw talent and turn them into superstars where they command their own "stage" in their industry".

" I've always worked with stars, now I'm committed to making purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants the stars of their industry!

And to do that, I believe that you must be in control of your narrative,
and be brilliant at telling your own story"

As someone who has worked behind the scenes with celebrities, performance groups, and the nations top speakers, coaches and consultants, Brandi knows the exact formula for building a highly sought-after brand, and her mission is to help the voices that need to be heard most take center stage and shine - no matter if the stage is a smartphone, computer, or platform.  Brandi offers brand and marketing strategy, full production days, on-camera video training, content and media planning, and workshops to help business and groups illuminate their message, attract more of their ideal audience, and make more money through building connection and community through one of a kind brand films, videos, and content through her signature BRANDUMENTARY™ method.


Brandi's curated expertise and life's journey allows her to produce outstanding brands and content for talented entrepreneurs and groups to usher them over to their next level to be seen, heard, and paid as the go-to experts everyone needs and wants to work with. Her 360 degree perspective on branding and attention-to-detail is what her clients have come to appreciate most about working with her.

Brandi is the owner of KORIS Media and operates at her exclusive content and production studio KORIS Studio - a place where possibility becomes reality™.


 Look the Part to Get The Role ™


It's about your image matching your expertise. It's way beyond the photoshoot, it's about BECOMING the next version of yourself. 


At Look The Part to Get The Role, we teach visionary leaders, experts, and professionals to better polish, package, present their image and brand. 


We elevate the images of coaches, consultants, speakers, entrepreneurs, service professionals, authors… any leader  who has to represent their brand or their company. 


And what do we mean when we say their image? At Look the Part to Get the Role, we call this your visual brand - a holistic, most intelligently packaged, outward expression of your authentic self.


Much more than image consulting alone, we are visual problem solvers and we think strategically to make what you are projecting and who you are, inline with each other to benefit you most personally and professionally.


At LTPTGTR we specialize in understanding and conveying your image story so that you can be empowered in  your role and be positioned to fully exhibit your star quality in your business and in life.


We educate and train via in-person events, courses, books, podcasts, social media, and even an invitation-only private mastermind group with Brandi Mitchell, the founder who is known as The Brand Producer.