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Finally, a Realistic, Transparent, and Easy to Understand Step-by-Step Guide for Blended Families To Provide Better Communication Between You and Your Child's Parent, Create Less Baby Mama/Daddy Drama, and Help You Find and Maintain a Happy Marriage

The Blended Family Survival Guide

On Getting Married With Children -

Yours or Somebody Else's

Blended families have become the new norm. More and more people are having children before marriage and the reality is that most end up marrying someone other than the parent of their child. Add to that the rising rate of divorce and remarriages and about 1300 new blended families are created in the U.S. everyday.

After 4 years of extensive research assessing her own experiences and those of others, Brandi Mitchell shares the positives and negatives facing over 75 Million Americans in blended families today. A product of a tri-blended family–– maternal, paternal and her own marriage, Mitchell addresses the many issues and dispels the myths associated with living in ““Blendedville””, a term she coined based on her reality!

Who is The Blended Family Survival Guide For?
The Blended Family Survival Guide On Getting Married With Children, Yours or Somebody Else’s (TBFSG) is a ready reference for people entering into marriage or dating relationships where one or both partners have children from a previous relationship.

It's for...


•  Single parents who are overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to balance your child, career, and a dating life with little help from your childs parent and loads of drama?


•  Single parents who are dealing with being denied seeing your child, tired of your child support payments being raised at every opportunity and are being portrayed as a bad parent to your son or daughter? 


•  A Stepparent or someone who is dating someone with children, and find yourself spinning your wheels trying to fit into the role of an instant parent, all while being caught in the crossfire between your mate, your stepchildren, and the ex?


•  Those seriously dating, engaged, or newlywed couple who is (or will become) married with children and trying to figure out how to blend raising children from a previous relationship with getting married?

The Blended Family Survival Guide provides practical solutions and insight to empower people to know:

  • How to adjust to being an ““instant parent””, and what it means to say ““Yes, I Will Marry You, ALL of You””

  • How to transition from being a single parent to married with children, create mutual respect, and a healthy relationship between your spouse and children How to keep baby mama/baby daddy drama from ruining your relationship with your children and marriage

  • How and when to recognize when your expectations aren’’t realistic, and how to dispel common myths associated with marriage and stepparenting

  • How to prepare for your child’’s future by creating a co-parenting plan with your child’’s parent

  • How to take responsibility for your actions and understand the consequences of your behavior

Statistics show that:


• 50 percent of all Americans are involved in some type of blended or stepfamily relationship, which is about 75 million Americans.
• 30 million children under the age of 13 are currently living with one biological parent and that parents current partner.


• And, 1 in 3 people are a stepchild, stepsibling, or stepparent.


Many people are also getting married later in life, which means the chances are extremely high that when they do marry someone or get in a serious relationship, that person (or sometimes both people) will usually have a child, sometimes  MORE THAN one child with them.  

Experience is a good teacher?

Yup, that's my story.

When I met Prince Charming plus two.

Our Wedding Day - December 6, 1997

As I started having ideas of marriage, I decided that when I got married, I wanted to STAY HAPPILY married. And when I pictured my wedding day, I saw my future husband and I standing alone and starting our lives together  just the two of us. 


And then it happened! Yes! Prince Charming found me, glass slipper in hand, as we vowed our love to each other for eternity, and he whisked me off to Blendedville to live happily ever after. But what I did not expect, on the way to my  not-so-new castle, was that we would pick up two, little adorable travelers that would go on the journey with us! Oh, and by the way, did I mention that my carriage had to stop to pick up my little travelers at  two different houses? 


Now, a young princess in my new blended world, I had no map or compass to guide me through the blended journey, and I had'nt realized the true effect my ready-made family would have on my own marriage and future children. 


So if my towns name was Blendedville, then my streets name was definitely Reality, as I received real, on the job training, and we all made mistakes that turned into life lessons along the way. 

The reality is that blended families are hard. 


Very quickly after I started living as a new wife and instant stepparent, I realized that in time of crisis, people draw off of what they know, what they have observed, and what they have experienced.


After nearly 20 years of living in my own blended family, I realize my family is NOT perfect we have had our share of trials.... but I can say that having a full well rounded blended family experience my entire life gave me a perspective and the opportunity to walk in a variety of "shoes" that have forever changed how I view blended families.

I've Learned a Lot, and Want to Share It With You...

While in the middle of a tough time in my own blended family, it occurred to me that there needed to be a guide to provide people with solutions that were trying to live, thrive, and more so, survive, in a blended family. I always felt, if only people knew  what to expect on the blended family journey. If only I could tell them what was behind door #1, 2, 3, and 4! The Blended Family Survival Guide is my way of helping you navigate Blendedville!



•You had more support from your childs parent, could see your children regularly, and child support was not an issue anymore?


•You knew exactly how to deal with the conflict with the baby mama/baby daddy drama, in fact you could predict exactly when it would occur and know how to respond?


•You were armed with a way to determine if the relationship was really over between your boyfriend/girlfriend and their ex, and if they were really ready for marriage?


•You could create a balanced, respectful, and need I say, fun atmosphere in your blended household?


•Before you got married with children, you could know exactly what you are getting in to, and have 
a plan to win?


•Reading and applying this book in your relationship could help you avoid getting divorced later?


Inside The Blended Family Survival Guide you will find realistic and transparent advice that will give you the tools, tips, and help for your family to be successful and happy in your blended family!



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