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An entrepreneur, director, producer, author, brand producer® & philanthropist dedicated to helping you to see what's possible and become the person you were called to be.

#GodLed #DetroitBred #FAMUFed

I was born and raised in Detroit and fed drive, tenacity, and go-get-it-ness from the rhythm of it's streets.  I learned very early on if I was going to succeed in life I was going to have to: #1 Keep God first, and #2 Get off my behind and go get it...Every. Day. By doing so, I'm proud to have created a passion-driven media company that produces content that touches thousands.


My books, training programs, and speaking allow me to help others monetize and package their expertise, and gain confidence and image solutions to present a total package while they play big in the world.  I teach people how to Look the Part AND Get the Role in their business and life.

My love for style and having the total look came from my Grandma and Mother who always took pride in how they represented themselves.


They taught me literally to "look the part" even before you are the part, because first impressions and how you carry yourself can open doors for you.


"I live by the mantra of Produce Your OWN Brand because that's what I've always done"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an entrepreneur and marketing mindset.  A kind of  "ballzyness"  that prompted me to never wait for someone to tell me "you are approved" or hand me anything; but rather go out and create what I wanted to see and have. An out-the-box thinker.

My first taste of experiencing how far your talent and drive can take you happened in college. While pursuing a degree in psychology (I really wanted to major in marketing), I was also getting licensed in cosmetology so that I would be able to pay for grad school through working in a salon. . I ALWAYS had a job (or two) to make ends meet.

After attending a two day orientation for a fast food restaurant , a job I knew I would hate, I got a call that would change everything. It was from 10 young ladies from a sorority who needed their hair done for a special event. They wanted to pay me $25 per person for a total of $250 for 4 hrs of work - that was more than I could have made all month at the fast food joint! I said yes to them and quit the other job before I ever began. I learned that day that I could use my talents to make 10 times more than I could working hourly doing something I didn't want to do and preserve more of my time. It was an epiphany that I turned into a guiding principle and work ethic - use your gifts and they will open doors and provide revenue you could not imagine + happiness!

In lieu of grad school, I choose to go all in with the beauty industry. I figured I could either lay someone out on a couch and talk with them to make them feel better or make them look and feel beautiful. Either way, my end goal was the same, I wanted to help people transform.  A chance opportunity on a music video set introduced me to the possibilities of being a film and television makeup and hair artist, so I set my sights and intentions on breaking into the industry. I have had the most amazing career that provided the opportunity to work with some of the top celebrities, directors, producers, and influencers. What started on set as a makeup and hair artist, transitioned into a 360 experience of production, storytelling, branding, image management, and so much more. It gave me an amazing network of industry insiders that I still work with today.

eric benet
Bill Bellamy

I Woke up one day and  decided I was my own brand and went from working artist to CEO


After working a 13 hour day on a really big tour and REALLY missing my family, I realized it was time for a change in how I was serving the world with my talent. I decided to create a company that would "celebritize" everyday professionals in the self-help industry: authors, international speakers, and coaches, and I called it "Visual Branding" because I felt I was telling the story of their brand - visually. In doing so I wrote 3 three books, delivered programs and workshops, and have traveled the world as a speaker. But as a creative the biggest obstacle I faced was monetizing my talent, staying on task, and implementation.

So I invested a lot of time and resources into finding a way to package and automate my expertise online and in person and became very savvy at self-promoting through social media and videos. This provided leverage for me to create a life where I was balanced in my family, career, spirituality, and relationships.


Brandi, the filmmaker, producer, director

My dream of becoming a filmmaker came true when I released my documentary "Point and Drive" which tells of the connection between playing in the band and success in life. We took the film on a 10 city, 20 screening promotional tour and had nearly 2,000 people in attendence, half of which were students. The film will be on tour all of 2017 nationwide. Through seeing the needs of the communities, I started the Point and Drive Foundation as a means of providing exposure to inner city youth, scholarships to marching band camps, and career and college development. 

My journey of playing full out and monetizing my expertise, visual branding and platform development, and living boldly became the principles of my signature programs - Produce Your Own Brand®, Package the Product of You®, and

Look the Part to Get the Role®. My programs help people create lives that they love by maximizing their talents and expertise, packaging what they do so that they earn money on autopilot, and feel confident and look FABULOUS doing it. I especially take the stand for entrepreneurs and creatives to say no longer do you have to be brilliant and broke! Take what you are brilliant at and create a life you love without compromise.

I work with individuals and companies on how the power of clarity and operating in your strengths fuel and increases productivity. I teach entrepreneurs, groups, and business owners how to use video to connect with their audience, increase sales, and standout as the celebrity of their industry - I help people Produce Their Own Brand, and OWN it! Join my Produce Your Own Brand community and receive weekly information that will empower your journey of pursuing the time and financial freedom that comes from playing BIG with your gifts, feeling good in your own skin, choosing clarity, and living boldly.

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