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Then You Are In the Right Place

at the Right Time.

What is a Branded Signature System?

A Branded Signature System is a series of steps or process that you perform to yield  a particular result.

The Benefits of Having a Branded Signature System:

  • Makes your expertise highly marketable

  • Makes your expertise easy for your ideal clients to understand and want to hire you

  • Provides a clear step-by-step way of teaching your expertise

  • Positions you as an expert on your topic

  • Provides an easy way to take the beautiful work you do with clients and put it into a valuable, teachable form

How Creating a Branded Signature System Changed My Business and Life


On a very personal note, creating a branded signature system helped to create order out of my creative chaos!


Flashback, the year was 2010, and I was in the process of transitioning from being a celebrity makeup and hair artist where I exchanged my skills for either an hourly rate or a daily rate. I operated from a freelance mindset, one that caused me to be in a constant state of "feast or famine" financially; which means you either are working or you are looking for your next gig.


One day I woke up after a 6 week tour away from my family and knew something had to change. It started feeling like not only was I not getting paid what I was worth, but more importantly, the cost became to great to remain the same. I felt out of alignment.


My career focus began to shift as I relentlessly looked for a way I could use all the knowledge I had accumulated to create a different way of doing what I loved. 

Then I got introduced to the world of consulting and coaching and realized I had a very valuable skill set which was grooming individuals at a very high caliber. And who appreciated this skillset most, and really needed it were entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and speakers.

I knew I had to create a systematic way of transferring my knowledge from grooming celebrities into a system that I could do repeatably with clients. So I hired a coach, and to the rescue was the creation of my branded signature system. The results were amazing. Now instead of exchanging my time for dollars, I was able to work with less clients, make more, and serve them at a greater capacity. My business increased by 400%.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want everyone to have access to the same secrets that propelled my business to massive success, and my branded signature system was at the helm of this transformation in my business.


It is not optional , if you want to get paid well for being you, you need to create your branded signature system!

Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Knew Exactly What to Offer and Could Produce Amazing Results For Your Clients?


So If You Are:

  • A professional with a track record of success and have expertise on a specific subject and a message you want to share.

  • Good at what you do and are driven with a deep desire to help more people with your work.

  • Coachable and ready to invest the time and energy into creating your Branded Signature System going to the next level in your business.

  • Ready and receiving to be in a place unimaginable next time this year.

  • Ready to create profitability by aligning branding and business strategy with your unique signature.

Then I invite you to join me in a VIP Branded Signature System Creation Day

Take a look at what we’ll cover when we create your Branded Signature System:



We will eliminate any "what do I offer" overwhelm, by clarifying your most profitable path to a thriving business and high-end offers.


Quickly transform that "thing you do" Step by step, we will transform that "thing you do" into an exciting signature system that is easy to market and enroll new clients.


You will learn how to add value to your branded signature system with handouts and materials to make your system world-class and teachable.


Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients with a Signature System® that you become known for, attracting new clients quickly, easily and with less marketing.

Here are examples of the many ways implementing a branded signature system in your business will help you create an immediate ROI (Return On Investment)...

How can creating a branded signature system help you get paid well for being you?

1. Offer a 6-month or 1-year coaching package with your new branded signature program content (1st immediate income boost) 

2. Offer a short, ‘get started’ program with just a portion of your new branded signature program content (2nd immediate income boost)


3. Offer your new branded signature program content as additional coaching to your current clients (3rd immediate income boost)


4. Offer your new branded signature program content to past clients to re-engage them (4th immediate income boost) 

5. Offer your new branded signature program content in VIP Days ( 5th immediate income boost)

6. Offer 1-day group intensives on the most popular content in your new branded signature program

7. Offer a group coaching program with your new branded signature program

8. Include your new branded signature program content in your next workshop 

9. Include your new branded signature program content in a paid webinar


10. Include your new branded signature program content in a video series


11. Use your new branded signature program content to attract referral partners


12. Use your new branded signature program content to attract speaking gigs 

13. Include your new branded signature program content in high-end client retreats 

14. Stand out as a high-quality coach, branding you as brilliant


15. Use your new branded signature program content to create predictable client results 

Ready to Create Your Branded Signature System?

Great! Here's How It Works

BEFORE: After your payment is received and accepted,  We will also schedule your Becoming Signature session. The Becoming Signature Session is done virtually, but we will be face to face! You should plan to allow 4 hrs for the  Session.

DURING: We will go through each step of with you to create your branded signature system.  When you are finished, you will know how to create your signature system and see the other products you can offer to align with your over arching system.


Time Estimate 4 hrs Session with Brandi

Yes Brandi! I want to create my BRANDED SIGNATURE SYSTEM
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