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World-Class Video Production, Strategy, Online Courses, Webisodes, Brand Photoshoots & Training for Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Professionals, Influencers, Small Business and Groups

At KORIS Media, we create the presence, campaigns, and products that make you stand out in your industry and tell your story brilliantly.

We create film and television projects, business videos and commercials for local and national clients. We create full video productions in Atlanta and globally for various online campaigns, online courses and television.

Our commercial division helps you tell your businesses story and elevate your positioning by using our own signature method of connecting storytelling, branding, marketing, and new media. We help your customers come to the decision of an easy yes to working with you or supporting your cause. Each video production is tailored to your media and content marketing strategy.

We take purpose driven voices and game-changers to their next level

We produce your brand by infusing the essence of who you are into branded content that tells your story in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We are actual producers and directors with a 20 year career in the entertainment industry which allows us to make you top of mind from head to toe and upon first click and view.

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The Black Tax Book Trailer


Book trailer for "The Black Tax" Book

Good Steward Living


Good Steward Living is a financial empowerment brand that teaches debt elimination, how to build generational wealth, invest wisely, and to give generously.

Look the Part to Get the Role Music Video


Experiential Viral Music Video done for book "Look the Part to Get the Role, The Ultimate Visual Branding Guide

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Looking for an iconic brand that shows you as the celebrity you truly are? We will help you build a brand and supporting branded content, videos, and photos that show you as the star you are and make your influence and movement bankable.



Tau Beta Sigma

National Honorary Band Sorority Recruitment Video


The premiere band sorority located in colleges and universities across the nation.  The Sorority numbers over 3,500 active members in 145 active chapters, and over 40,000 alumni.


Melinda Emerson


Melinda F. Emerson, known as SmallBizLady, is America’s #1 Small Business Expert.

Dr, Lucille Farmer


Spiritual leader and mentor for spiritual women through her brand Power of Now Conference and Events.

Lynette Rhodes


Georgia lawyer, speaker and advocate.