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I'm Brandi

I Help Entrepreneurs, Corporate Professionals, Artists,  and Creatives Have a Packaged Platform, Positioned Presence, Polished Image, and Profitable Business. I teach people how to become their own economy by monetizing their story, experiences, and expertise to create a powerful platform and bankable brand.

Hate it or Love it? The Kardashian Effect on Branding

Image Source: Getty / JB Lacroix

Spotlight, glamour, couture fashion, red carpets, exclusive parties, an entourage with millions of fans and millions of dollars to…Kim Kardashian has it all right? Well what if I were to tell you that you too can have it all as the Celebrity of your very own life! Rejoice in the admiration by crafting, creating, and packaging the brand of you into something that is polished and promotes the best version of who you are.

Working with celebrities through all these years, I’ve witnessed all shapes, forms, sizes and styles of the biggest names and brightest stars and they way in which they are packaged and branded. Each detail of their persona is carefully approached with every image choice calculated to match their audiences expectations.

From their look to their conduct, all the way down to the foundation of their platform

they display a consistency that tells a story like no other has or ever will. And I am here to show you how to do the same for yourself.

Here are the 4 Ways To Market Your Personal Brand and Business Like Kim Kardashian.

#1 The Uniqueness and Dominance…..

Kim Kardashian has been able to turn some of her most unfortunate moments into something enormous or in the least financially successful. Everyday she continues to position herself into new categories and greater wealth. You can do the same for you and your brand by following some of the same principles, but understanding what makes you unique is where you start. Discovering what makes you different from everyone else is not an easy job, but once you do, you have the ability to create movements! Just like Kim, by finding out what makes you different you create the opportunity for dominance and a way that your brand to make a staple in just about every market you can think of.

#2 The Style and Trends…

The package of Kim Kardashian seems to come wrapped in a diamond bow! She rocks a style that represents her so profoundly and she knows how to change it when she is trying to adjust into a new role. From television, fashion to the app she and her team of experts are able to display an image that makes such a head turning impact. One that is not only alluring but that sets trends wherever she goes. Being business savvy, keeping up with the trends and setting your own while matching your audiences’ expectations leads you to success. You can also create the same convincing, packaged, and polished style for yourself and your brand.

#3 The Fearless Self Promotion…

Kim’s an pro when it comes to either self or product promotion. Anything she lays her fingers upon or markets to the world turns into gold. She is an all-star when it comes to getting an endorsement and keeping it- and she holds no fears when it comes to promoting it! Once you know what makes you stand out and how to express your polished package in the correct light, the next thing is creating a plan for exposure that will accelerate your business and increase your credibility. Using social media, networking, advertising, website, blog posts or weekly newsletters- whatever it takes for you to gain visibility to your audience is the key component. Doing so with confidence is what takes you all the way!

#4 The Social Media Empire

One thing we can all agree upon about Kim K is that she can be found in just about every publication at just about any time. With a social media following that blows the very president of this country’s out of the water, she must be doing something right. She’s been able to captivate her audience and “keeps up” with maintaining a level of exposure that manifests opportunities for her in all areas of life and business. You can do the very same thing by creating an authentic voice and interactive online presence that draws your audience in. Building a social media empire takes time, education and most importantly consistency. Being patient in the process will ensure your platform a place to stay for the long haul.

“I believe you are the celebrity of your business and your life. You are your brand. You are the Director and C.E.O of your own project- Now it’s time to shape your own Celebrity Status!”

Download this free audio training to learn the three simple strategies that help you become clear, bold, and confident enough to make what you see when you close your eyes - real.

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