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WRITE ON! Course

Write On is a 4 Part Course taught by Brandi Mitchell to help you organize, write, finish and publish your book and make it bankable.


Write a Book That Makes Money Course

A proven system to write, market, and build an audience for your book so that it can become a platform that will create ongoing wealth for years to come through speaking, coaching, consulting, and training; instead of collect dust in your garage!


Private 2 Hr Virtual Book Writing Intensive

Private 2 Hr Intensive with Brandi Mitchell to help you gain clarity on writing your book.


VIP Day Book Writing Intensives - "How to Write a Book PLUS Make it BANKABLE! "

You can either spend 7 years struggling to write your book, or you can spend a short but intensive time with me and have your book outlined, monetized, create a strategy and timeline for execution, and a plan of promotion. It’s up to you.

A VIP Days are a great way to get your book out of your head and onto the page faster than you ever dreamed possible. They come in three formats: Half-Day, Single Day, or Two Day VIP Sessions. These intensives are perfect for busy career professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs who know that the road to becoming an authority in their industry begins with becoming an author. Your book can literally go from "wishful thinking"  to a rough draft in less than a week! How quickly it happens depends on you, on your time investment, and on your drive to complete it - and I can help you cut the time and money spent by 75%!

Starts at $2,500 - $25,000

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